Our Favorite Episodes from Shipping Wars That Reveal the Dark Side of the Moving Industry

Fans of reality television appreciate Shipping Wars (2012-15). The popular U.S. television show series for four seasons in the United States. (It even inspired a similar production in the British Isles called Shipping Wars U.K. (2014-15).)

About Shipping Wars

The TV series addresses the challenges faced by independent trucking company owners who endeavor to transport a variety of items many other shippers can’t accommodate. Every week, cast members tackle the problems associated with moving some unusual cargo across the country.

Reality television shows derive much of their human interest from the fascinating people who appear on camera. Shipping Wars benefited from a unique, talented group of drivers. Some popular members of the cast included:

Marc Springer: This former Harley-Davidson salesman owns a shipping company, and also manages a race team;

Jennifer Brennan: Raised in Texas, she draws upon her ranching background to assist with the transport of animals;

Roy Garber: He appeared on the show frequently, relying on his talents as a truck driver and ingenious innovator;

Todd and Tamera Sturgis: The couple began their trucking experience as newlyweds and now possess extensive hauling expertise.

Jarrett Joyce: A talented golfer, he works in shipping and plans to join the PGA tour eventually.

The Five Most Memorable Episodes

Consider some of the usual predicaments drivers faces on the series. These episodes illustrate some especially demanding situations which long-haul truck drivers may encounter on the job:

  • In Season 1, Episode 4 Cash For Tanks, Marc navigated through a small Pennsylvania town while transporting two huge army tanks, arousing the curiosity of local people.
  • In Buggin’ Out, broadcast in 2013, Jennifer undertook the pesky assignment of carrying an insect colony on a long road trip. As a driver who prefers snacking along the way, she faced some less than appetizing problems during that journey!
  • In January 2014, fans watched Roy move the largest drum set in the world in Jack Pots & Cheap Shots.
  • Later that year, in June, Jarrett accepted the challenge of shipping an entire carousel in Three Horses And a Funeral. His co-stars Todd and Tamera tackled the transport of an antique hearse.
  • Perhaps the most exacting load of all occurred during the final year of the series. In April 2015, Jenn transported six Bengal Tigers cross country in A Tiger Chase And a Tight Place.

With a fascinating, entertaining cast and some perplexing, unusual real-life dilemmas, Shipping Wars succeeding in carving out a memorable place in the pantheon of reality television. Today reruns and streamed episodes of the series continue to delight fans across the United States and around the world!